Telegraph Hill Festival and Centre Present

Wellbeing Festival 2019

13th April 2019 12-5pm at the Telegraph Hill Centre, London SE14 5TY

Dance, laugh, release, play!!

Workshops and free taster sessions!!

Come and join us for an afternoon full of workshops, conscious dance, hula hooping, yoga, aromatherepy, personal training, TRE trauma release, yoga and more!

Hill Station Vegan Menu

We have yummy vegan food and drink served from the canteen in the centre prepared by the amazing Hill Station chefs!

There will be booking forms on the front desk, first come first served for workshops, put your name down and then pay the teacher direct. 

Therapist list and info 

Agota Benedek / Herba Holistic

Ear-acupuncture, Medicinal herbs, Kinesio taping " Ear-acupuncture: Ear-acupuncture (auricular acupuncture) is the stimulation of acupuncture points on the external ear surface for treatment of health conditions in other areas of the body. The ear holds a micro-system of the body which is particularly precise in this area. Ear-acupuncture has proven to be an efficient method of treating a wide variety of conditions, from headaches and allergies to addictions and pain disorders. Medicinal herbs: As a Medical Herbalist I make use of plants whose traditional uses are backed up by modern scien-tific research and clinical trials. With plants we take a holistic approach to illness, treating the under-lying cause of disease rather than just the symptoms. Also very effective tool if your goal is to keep your good health. Herbal Medicine is suitable for people of any age, including children, who respond especially well to the gentle actions of herbs. Kinesio taping: The Kinesio Taping is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without re-stricting the body’s range of motion. Tapes are latex-free and wearable for days at a time. It can be used in conjunction with other treatments and is effective during the rehabilitative and chronic phases on an injury as well as being used for preventative measures.

Alex Bonnik Bfitness Personal Training

A Mobile Personal Training company that delivers 1-2-1 sessions at home, local park or even an office. specializes in rehabilitation, weight loss, strength training, event specific training

Clara Popa Hula hooping

Workshop for adults with Planet Hoop! Learn the basics and some impressive tricks in a beginners friendly session! "
Hula hooping is a fun and unique way of staying fit, in both your body and mind.
A hula hoop engages your core, arms and legs but it also engages your heart and that’s what makes it so special.
Planet Hoop is open to all.
If you are a beginner and have always wanted to try hooping, this if for you. You will be learning how to hula hoop on your waist but also some cool tricks to build into your dance or flow.
More experienced hoopers will be given variations and challenges so don’t hesitate to join us if you have hula hooped before!
You will see a lot of hoops during the festival so we look forward to getting together and having an amazing time with our growing community!"

Danielle Smith Sports Massage

I am a personal trainer and sports massage therapist and will be offering 20 minute taster massages along with any health/fitness/follow up advice clients may require.

Jo Selwood TRE® - Tension + Trauma Release Exercises

"Tension and Trauma Release exercises is a technique that uses a series of simple exercises that stretch and fatigue the main muscles that engage during the bodies stress and trauma response to evoke a natural tremor mechanism, one that is accessible in all mammals including humans.
This tremor when allowed to move through the body, can help to reset and restore homeostasis, bringing the person back to full vitality, vibrancy and aliveness.
These tremors can help to release daily stresses as well as deeply held tension and trauma. It works on a neurological, physiological, psychological and emotional level."

Karolina Koza "Aroma Therapy using clinically clean DoTerra aroma oils,Theta Healing

Access Bars facilitation " As an Aroma Therapist I work with clinically clean DoTerra oils that can elevate vibration and thus improve health. I also use the Theta Healing and Access Bars methods in order to remove energetic blockages that cause illnesses and disharmony in our lives.
"How to use Aroma Therapy to elevate mood prevent/heal illnesses
How to make products by using clinically clean aroma oils" "Introduction to Aroma Therapy
How to use oils and what oils to use in order to achieve desired effects
Inhalation – the newest research about vibration of human body and human organs, what frequency is healthy and where illnesses begin. How to elevate frequency with inhalation and consumption of aroma oils. Aroma Touch massage – how to use oils to achieve total relaxation and eliminate/prevent cumulation of stress in our body that causes illnesses. Which oils are safe to consume orally and what effect they may have How to combine oils and how to make products such as soaps or bath bombs "

Maggy Burrows Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method® teaches us to become more aware of those parts of us that are clenching, bracing, straining, and overcoming internal resistance with muscular force. These unpleasant physical sensations can become so familiar that we simply keep pushing ourselves until pain and/or physical debility become an established part of our lives. In Awareness Through Movement lessons we lie on the floor, gently surrendering to the support it gives us, and begin to remember and re-awaken our ability to soften ourselves and move with freedom and ease, the way we used to in our early youth. Functional Integration® hands-on lessons are ideal for anyone dealing with more acute conditions, when a class would be too much to cope with. As we learn to let go of all the unnecessary efforts we are making in our daily lives, we can begin to access new ways of moving that are fluid, and efficient, and pleasurable to experience. In time we become naturally more responsive to what is going on, tuning in to the vibrant world around us, easily integrating all the different aspects of ourselves into a more fully present and fully functional, continually developing adult self.
The Art Of Allowing with Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement In this class we will explore the "art of allowing" – a fully conscious state of physical and mental "presence": the ability to respond to whatever is happening at any given moment; to let go of fighting for breath and simply breathe; to remember that life is supposed to be fun; to let go of constant haste, and embrace slowness and patience; to free ourselves from a state of constant anticipation, and instead approach the future in a state of easy readiness, knowing that we will have all our resources to hand whenever we need them, and that we do not need to spend our lives encased in a constraining and protective muscular armour. This class is for anyone who would like to move with more ease, more playfulness and more joy – and for anyone who likes rolling about on the floor! Dr Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist, engineer, and life-long teacher of Judo who embodied the physical and mental readiness and potency of a highly skilled martial artist. It is this fully potent state of being–truly human being–that he aspired to produce with his teaching method, the method he continued to expand and hone throughout his life.

Melinda Papp Ayurvedic Massage Therapy and lifestyle

I’ll be offering my Ayurvedic treatments, which involves massage with medicated oils, marma point stimulation and pinda sweda. Ayurveda is a 5000+ years old holistic healing practice originated from India. I’ll offer free dosha (body and psychological type) test and a bit more insight into the world of Ayurveda.

Sanjay Josh/Natalie Ford

Empowerment Guidance/Empowerment Coaching One-to-one guidance for highly motivated individuals who feel frustrated or unfulfilled by work or life. Connect to your power and inner wisdom and release whatever may be holding you back. Clients come to me feeling disconnected or lacking direction, and leave feeling inspired, empowered and confident to make changes.
Stress Buster One-to-one guidance for highly motivated individuals who feel frustrated or unfulfilled by work or life. Connect to your power and inner wisdom and release whatever may be holding you back. Clients come to me feeling disconnected or lacking direction, and leave feeling inspired, empowered and confident to make changes.